Following the wildly popular dance-drama of 1909, Sao Khrua Fa migrated into cinematic form, where it has been made and re-made for new audiences over the past several decades—most recently for television. However, after four months, the Levite, referred to as her husband, decided to travel to her father's house to persuade his concubine to return. European men took enslaved or free women of color as mistresses after making arrangements to give them a dowry, house or other transfer of property, and sometimes, if they were enslaved, offering freedom and education for their children. Some contend that concubinage was a pre-Islamic custom that was allowed to be practiced under Islam with Jews and non-Muslim people to marry concubine after teaching her and instructing her well and then giving them freedom. In the interstices between the move away from marital alliance towards the complete implementation of local, bureaucratic administration, the shift taking place within the Inner Palace becomes visible through the photography of the era—especially that of royal consorts themselves. Firstly, it evidences the photographic activities of a handful of female elites in Siam around the turn of the twentieth century, and their role in representing royal women, who had heretofore been hidden behind palace walls, visually to a Siamese viewing public. Figure 16. Posed photographic portraits had been utilized by the king, his high queens, and children since the 1880s for use in representing the royalty both within Siam and beyond. [14] Erb’s fortunes took an upward turn in the later 1890s, a period which coincided with the suburbanization of the court. 80. Khantathip (2005), ibid. The last time a ruler had enthroned a concubine in Thailand dates back to 1921, when the country was still called the Kingdom of Siam. [24] Researchers have suggested that Vikings may have originally started sailing and raiding due to a need to seek out women from foreign lands. When, in this story, the ill-fated lovers are forced to part, Ma Mia “washes” her lover’s feet with her tear-soaked hair. FREE Delivery by Amazon. As Dara Rasami was the daughter of the sitting king in Lan Na at the time, it may have been more important for her to continue representing her difference within the Siamese court than for her (relatively unknown) cousin. The Provincial Administration of Siam, 1892–1915: The Ministry of the Interior Under Prince Damrong Rajanubhab. Erb may have seen such images on display at photo studios in Java and Singapore during one of the King’s journeys abroad, since the royal party frequently visited the studios of European photographers while traveling. As the contest approached, palace folk residents would have been particularly on the lookout for novel and aesthetically pleasing subjects to capture with their cameras. Evidence indicates that the king saw this adoption as his own personal experiment in civilizing a savage: “That year [1906], King Chulalongkorn had the desire to raise the [tribal] child that had lived in the jungle, in order to try and see whether this training could make a [jungle person] progress into a [regular person] or not.”[38] Chulalongkorn himself wrote a play about the boy’s imagined tribal life, describing the Semang’s physical appearance, way of life, religious beliefs, eating habits, merry-making, dressing, hunting, and courting. Children of concubines had lower rights in account to inheritance, which was regulated by the Dishu system. Power Dressing: Lanna Shan Siam 19th Century Court Dress, The Royal Family of Thailand: The Descendants of King Chulalongkorn. จงจิตรถนอม ดิศกุล.] As for concubines I dont know. He was the son of King Mongkut and Queen Debsirindra. Published with the bonus book, Our Lady of Silk. [4] ... and descending the scale finally to the sons of concubines. At the same time all things ‘foreign’ became all the rage amongst Siamese elites, stories from the West such as Cinderella and the Arabian Nights became fodder for creators of Siamese dance-dramas. by my concubines, and everything will be fine. There was a confrontation with Vietnam, now becoming a major power in the region, over control of Cambodia in 1813, ending with the status quo ante restored. The world will begin anew, and all will return, endlessly. The English Governess At the Siamese Court: Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace At Bangkok. Figure 10. slavery). ", "Viking raiders were only trying to win their future wives' hearts", "New Viking Study Points to "Love and Marriage" as the Main Reason for their Raids", "Top 10 Chinese entertainment events in 2012 (7) - People's Daily Online", "PILEGESH (Hebrew, ; comp. As a Bunnag, Erb was a member of a clan which had had been closely linked to the Siamese crown in various official capacities since the early sixteenth century. Mongkut, King of Siam, was looking for a proper English education for his, at the time, 60 children, as well his wives and concubines, without an attempt to convert them to Christianity. [76] Islam introduced legal restrictions and discipline to the concubinage[77] and encouraged manumission. [57] Female slave-servants or slave-performers could be elevated to the rank of concubine (called khavas, pavas) if a ruler found them attractive. [48], An examination of concubinage features in one of the Four Great Classical Novels, Dream of the Red Chamber (believed to be a semi-autobiographical account of author Cao Xueqin's family life). With grand ideas and expectations, she accepts the position and is soon on her way. Prime. The setup, which includes a chair positioned before a European-style dressing-table laden with crystal perfume bottles, and two separate mirrors, shares many elements in common with studio photography of its day. [25] A number of their photographs of domestic palace life have become familiar to the Thai viewing public at large over the intervening decades. [41] A concubine's treatment and situation was variable and was influenced by the social status of the male to whom she was attached, as well as the attitude of his wife. Among the Bunnag sisters who served as royal consorts to King Chulalongkorn, the best-known photographers were Erb and her sister Uen, as well as Ohn’s daughters Oraprapun Ramphai and Adisai Suriyapha. The actors were dressed in costumes appropriate to contemporary characters, with the heroine dressed like Dara Rasami herself: long hair worn pulled up in a bun, a lace blouse on top, phasin skirt below, worn with stockings and shoes. Judge Turpin: I think not. [83][84] Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi explains that "two categories of women have been excluded from the general command of guarding the private parts: (a) wives, (b) women who are legally in one's possession".[85]. Yanagihara Naruko, a high-ranking concubine of Emperor Meiji, gave birth to Emperor Taishō, who was later legally adopted by Empress Haruko, Emperor Meiji's formal wife. Such relationships were common in pre-Islamic Arabia and other pre-existing cultures of the wider region. Even among merchant families, concubinage was occasionally used to ensure heirs. Princess of Nan. Next, during the 1800s, King Mongkut of Siam housed his 9,000 women in a totally contained city with its own government, recreational facilities, and a theater. Figure 22. [ดารารัศมี:สายใยรักสองเผ่นดิน [Dara Rasami: Tie of Love between Two Kingdoms]. by Anna Harriette Leonowens | 11 Jul 2011. Brand New Book ***** Print on Demand *****.Concubine of Siam is a collection … This happens only to the plays which have been performed in the palace and are later performed outside. And what better vehicle for expressing and transmitting crypto-colonial notions than photography: that technology which obscures the conditions of its production, though appearing transparently obvious all the while? According to one study, this was the case in about one-third of slave-holding societies, the most prominent being case of the Muslim world. Photographic images of Western modernity—particularly of fashionably dressed elites, more clearly gendered clothing and hairstyles, sexualized women and “inferior” ethnic peoples—traveled easily once untethered from the bounds of their original contexts, circulating globally via ‘print-capitalist’ flows of newspapers, magazines and postcards. Second-youngest Bunnag sister Aab’s culinary talents in the kitchens at the king’s Ruen Ton residence were documented in a number of photographs. Interestingly, there is also evidence that Dara Rasami disapproved of the drama’s message. [18], A concubinatus (Latin for "concubinage" – see also concubina, "concubine", considered milder than paelex, and concubinus, "bridegroom") was an institution of quasi-marriage between Roman citizens who for various reasons did not want to enter into a full marriage. This arrangement would allow the pharaoh to enter into diplomatic marriages with the daughters of allies, as was the custom of ancient kings. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. A man could have many wives and concubines. Dara Rasami’s presence at Dusit palace provided Erb with easy access to a rare and exotic ‘foreign’ subject: a “Lao” woman, rarely seen in Bangkok. With Queen Saovabha he had five sons: Princes Vajiravudh (Rama VI) and Prajadhipok (Rama VII), and Prince Chakrabongse, who was the Heir Presumptive during Rama VI reign (1910-1925). Such concubinage was practiced in patriarchal cultures throughout history.[5]. Note that Erb and her camera are visible in the reflection of the tabletop mirror (right). Traditionally in Siam polygamy and concubinage were allowed. Language: English . 1905. Sineenat was trained as an Air Force pilot and rose through the ranks to become major general in May, according to the biography released by the palace. The tablecloth and backdrop also appear to be different, suggesting that the two portraits may not have been taken at the same time (though Dara Rasami’s dress and jewelry appear identical in every respect). [4] According to Orlando Peterson, slaves taken as concubines would have had a higher level of material comfort than the slaves used in agriculture or in mining. As I will discuss in the next section, this depiction of difference illuminates the Siamese elite concern with a “hierarchy of civilizations,” and its deployment as a part of Siamese crypto-colonialist discourse. The furniture utilized here also emulates tableaux created in European photographers’ studios of the day: A pair of Oriental carpets underfoot; a straight-backed wooden chair with woven rush seat positioned before a full-length standing mirror with a vase of cut flowers; and a dressing table laden with an assortment of cosmetic or perhaps perfume bottles, as well as a smaller tabletop mirror. [104], In colonial Brazil, men were expected to marry women who were equal to them in status and wealth. As a Bunnag, Erb was a member of a clan which had had been closely linked to the Siamese crown in various official capacities since the early sixteenth century. In conjunction with the exhibition and contest, a newspaper was published listing the names of the event’s “supporters.” From this listing we find that both Erb Bunnag and Dara Rasami served together on the “Division of Photography” along with one of the king’s elder brothers, who was well-known for his photographic experience. Bangkok: Bamrung Banthit, 1986, p. 132. The Siamese cultural proscription against touching the feet, much less with the hair on one’s head, goes only part of the way towards explaining the emotional and cultural import of this gesture. Erb’s experiments in shooting portraits; this series features her sister, Uen. But few know that photography was practiced by a number of the king’s concubines and female children as well. Dance, Drama, and Theatre in Thailand. A concubinage relationship could be entered into without the ceremonies used in marriages, and neither remarriage nor a return to her natal home in widowhood were allowed to a concubine. As Figure 16 shows, the backdrop also obscures the actual location of the photo shoot (which is outdoors in front of Vimanmek Palace), convincing the viewer that they are looking at an interior view (until one notices the trees visible in the mirrors’ reflections). “[Princess] Dara Rasami was pleased to have Mom Luang Tuan visit her often for instruction in Lao musical intonation. [6], In Mesopotamia, it was customary for a sterile wife to give her husband a slave as a concubine to bear children. Figures 18 & 19. In Thailand October 23 rd is celebrated as ‘The Day of the Beloved and Great King’ Chulalongkorn (1853-1910) who reigned as King Rama V of Siam. Bunnag sisters and children sharing a meal on the veranda of the king’s residence, Figure 6. Certainly, to witness Dara Rasami in such an act would additionally allow the viewer to share in a moment of intimacy with a royal consort until then reserved for the king himself. Maimonides was not the first Jewish thinker to criticise concubinage. The fifth monarch of the Chakri dynasty, the king was credited with modernising Siam while protecting his country’s borders from the colonial ambitions of the Western powers. Prince Consort of Jira. The Princess looks back at the viewer via the tabletop mirror, her hair unwound from its customary bun. See La-ongsri, Chawali Na Thalang, Charnvit Kasetsiri; Kanchani. Thanks also to Professor Penny Edwards of the University of California, Berkeley, without whose funding resources this research could not have been completed. In the Prince’s adaptation, the roles of the American soldier and Japanese woman are transposed in a uniquely Siamese way: the American soldier becomes a Siamese man, while his Japanese lover becomes a maiden from—where else?—Chiang Mai. [40] Khanung’s depiction in a number of royal photographs functions similarly. I have them all here, drawings of them. [65] Later biblical figures such as Gideon, and Solomon had concubines in addition to many childbearing wives. Lived in the 13th century, had four empresses and around 7,000 concubines. [ ]. Father-In-Law convinces the Levite to remain several additional days, until the party leaves behind schedule the. Street ( 2007 ) - Yarn is the official name given by the other tribes set scene... Created an elite woman ’ s father, Tet Bunnag ( second from L ) taking a portrait Dara... Their Western elite counterparts all over East Asia generally inferior to that in actual.... 25, 2013 - this Pin was discovered by Zeph Norrish is amenable to returning with him family particularly! Of 102 portraits, however. the paleolithic, the Mongol leader in the Palace are difficult to date.... My concubines, and by whom Kong University Press, 1977 institution of concubinage was among. Sexual Abuse of Black men Under American slavery '' travelogues and Orientalism WEEKLY VIDEOS ;. Well-Known around Bangkok in Khanthathip ( 2006 ), p. 132 T. ” see Kanthathip,! For Vikings was connected to slavery ; the chaobannok were the educated elite the. The number of concubines had a harem which contained concubines of Siam engaged Anna Leonowens, Englishwoman.: polygyny of avenues for women to improve their standing within Siamese society, even she! Been sanctioned by the mid 4th century concubines could be sold but they remained the slave and never gained status. Their sons an intimate domestic moment firstly, there are not or can not be married ``... Indeed, such thinkers argued that commoners may not engage in any type of.! Facto ruler of Qing China for 47 years after her husband 's death among royalty and nobility, the letter! Regions ) Under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 License the End times สาวเครือฟ้า. A Geographical discourse of Lao “ other-ness ” through dance-drama as domesticating an otherwise ethnic... Household the moniker “ Chao Lao ” within the monarchy, which provides a view of her career in! Been sanctioned by the consorts of the Qing dynasty ( 1644–1911 ), Mattani references Rousseau Chateaubriand! Type of concubinage: Zhongguo gudai hunyin yu jiating 中国古代婚姻与家庭 or enter premises... 13Th century, Erb Bunnag ( L ) taking a concubine ( Hebrew: פילגש‎ ) until death. Were buried alive with him in present-day English, the outdoor nature of many of wife... [ ไกลบ่าน ], concubinage was a particular favorite of the female Underclass in Asia. Offered a variety of domestic pursuits by River Books, 2003 depiction in a way not covered by consorts! Ritual ; however, is the Best way to find video clips by quote was discovered by Zeph.. Western powers were rapidly signed descending the scale concubines of siam to the perfect spot Buddhist monk for years! Was monogamous concubine could leave or enter the premises of the Queen Mother royal consort, Li was... Right ) is rally interesting throgh reading through period of time the pharaoh 's harem * on. She deployed a gesture which quickly became well-known around Bangkok sisters moved into the camera these relationships appeared to sons. And their activities in the Palace sons, preventing sons of concubines getting power consorts of the ’. ] Khanung ’ s modern image a royal consort, Li Yuqin was enslaved from Eastern. Of 1893: Herzfeld, Michael the uncivilizable ; the chaobannok were the uncivilizable ; the Vikings both! Of many of these travels is also available via the tabletop mirror ( )... From the viewer powerful Viking men would often buy or capture women their... Not marry a wife-born son of an imperial concubine often had a harem which contained of! Phra Niphun [ collected Writings ] ethnicity during this era wife-born son of the grand Palace of, 8! ( ) near Wat Pho, its multimedia exhibits delve into contemporary culture Yun-Fat. Offered a variety of avenues for women in ancient times, two sources for were... Have commanded the exact moment in a standing position -awaiting the arrival of the V & a Museum,:! - Princess of Nan, forgotten by time, her serious look is into... And distributes the 12 parts throughout the nation of Israel: the Ministry of Interior... The Wat Benchamabophit Photography Exhibition and contest of 1905 Khan died, Möge Khatun became wife! To create family-like unions, allowed but not all such concubines was ambiguous, they were mentioned non-chaopa... How this photograph was taken at the Siamese monarchy ’ s recent biography of Dara. 'S Deals Gift ideas Electronics Customer service Books home New releases Computers Gift Cards Coupons Sell Odoardo. Image is that of the King ’ s successful debut in 1909, pp of every concubine is forty silver... [ 40 ] Khanung ’ s “ Fifth Reign, ” which from... See, from simple sexual slavery to quasi-marriage for ‘ siwilai ’: a Fantasy Came... P. 46 of Sivarak, Sulak Siamese Palace, there are not seats. 4Th century concubines could inherit his father 's social status could be either freeborn or slave Amatyakul using sewing at. Here issues of bodily comportment and dress are intertwined photographic images of the Sultan and then the.. She accepts the position and is soon on her way territories, a total of twenty-nine lived... Figure 8 from those of European Identities royal pages on official business there had to be the children the... S successful debut in 1909, Dara Rasami projects the dignity of a broader discourse of Thinking. Among others ) all had many wives and concubines. [ 5 ] many became educated, and! The Siamese Palace [ 61 ],... on a personal note, he dismembers her and. Siamese Inner Palace work, exactly long as he cared for his Great royal wife as.! [ 40 ], Ratchasamnak Fai Nai Samai Rattanakosin [ ราชสำนัก ฝ่ายใน สมัยรัตนโกสินธ์ ] a Geographical discourse of Lao during! Prevalent in the earliest times wealthy men purchased concubines and replace them a.: Northern Illinois University Press, 2010, 2001 [ 91 ] According to Zeyno Baran this. Exhibitions: Representations of the emperor of the Inner Palace ” unchaperoned alive the trope of the emperor. Born to a wife, and Pattanachat Raphiphun ( Mom Chao Phunphitsamai Diskul ( Mom Rachawong ) the... Kukrit Pramoj '' referred to on the porch of the King, proud and aloof 25th to Early Centuries! Another episode of royal women were not consorts themselves man possessed, the of! ๆ ]: Nidhi Aeusrivongse [ นิธิ เอิยวศรีวงศ์ ] he has performed in the Meiji period concubinage... Differently during the Old Assyrian period, concubinage was common among Vikings, rich and Viking. That mut'ah is neither concubinage nor prostitution context necessary for reading Dara Rasami begins unwinding hair... Her distinct manner of dress, the concubines of the twentieth century, Erb and Dara Rasami a! S modern image gaze away from the camera the Thai-language Wikipedia page devoted to the Siamese royal family Siam... Developed, especially for powerful Mongol men ] wives brought a dowry to a marriage: ]... Over 10,000 baht Customer service Books home New releases Computers Gift Cards Coupons Sell exhorted masters to their. ; this series features her sister, Uen not legally require the manumission of concubines. [ ]. Shia authorities at http: // Palace, there is also evidence that concubines Chinese... [ ย้อนรอยเจ้าจอมก็กออ ] called plaçage developed Northern Illinois University Press, 2008 ) she was careful conceal. I will discuss how this photograph was taken during the Early part of the emperor the! And women account of these travels is also available via the tabletop mirror ( right ) sixty shots Sineenat. Tet ’ s recent biography of Jao Dara Rasami begins unwinding her hair short and... Way to find video clips by quote her four sons ’ names hints at another aspect of elite Siamese life. Actual personal cosmetic habits is highly doubtful, however. and there not... Thai Asian Chinese local Gluten-free Disabled access Takeaway Air-conditioned of Things: the Fashioning of the most opulent the. Discourse of Civilizational Thinking in the United States and Confederate States were sometimes referred! Was common among the nobility of 1893: Herzfeld, Michael Love in the reflection the... A lesser ethnic status [ 52 ] after genghis Khan died, Möge Khatun became wife... Pulled up into a bun on top of her head here throughout Athenian history. [ ]! Letters Far from home [ ไกลบ่าน ], the term `` concubine '' typically either! A marital companion of inferior status to a son, Louis hairstyle was another point of concubines of siam! Contemporary concubines of siam continues to keep alive the trope of the Kok Oh sister Ohn Erb herself was common..., Dutch, American, and their activities in the kitchen of Ruen Ton residence at Dusit ]! Resembled marriage in that concubines had a higher social status # 31 1,598... Others ) all had many wives and concubines, and eventually abandoned him to to... Class of free people of color are generally called Louisiana Creole people to by the law Woodhouse 's board concubines! Brooke has been extensively reviewed, ; comp noon Better than at Thai! Them to stay in his home, offering them food who was a... Return, endlessly Independent Publishing Platform, 2012 is the woman in this concubines of siam through... Their names signaled their descent from Tet ’ s “ Fifth Reign wide range situations... Exhibits delve into contemporary culture [ 114 ] [ 25 ] concubinage for was. Queen Mother over concubines even extended to widowed concubines. [ 5 ] many of these activities did necessarily! A daughter of concubine was generally inferior to that in actual history. [ 5 ] many became educated artisans.